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How can I transfer Quotes4u to another computer?
I formatted my hard disk. How to reinstall Quotes4u?

Download and install Quotes4u from here:
After installation Quotes4u will generate a new serial number. You can see the serial number when you choose for menu Help -> About Quotes4u.
Now goto the support page: Login and change your old serial number into your new one.

Quotes4u does not update correct, what can I do?

Download the file:
Do not open the file! Save the file in the folder of Quotes4u (normally c:\program files\Usec International).
Overwrite the existing quotes4u.exe.
Now you can start Quotes4u.

Quotes4u gives an error about the database when I start Quotes4u.

The error probably means you are missing the latest windows database drivers. You can install the latest drivers from here.

During downloading I get the message 'The Metastock Database is in use by another program'.

If you are sure that no other program uses the data the Metastock database probably is read-only. Solution:
Open the explorer and goto the folder of the Metastock data and right-click on the folder. Choose 'Properties'. Now uncheck the phrase 'Read Only' and click 'OK'. Now the folder is not read-only anymore and the downloading should work fine. Please note that the texts will be different in other languages.

How to setup my markets with Metastock format?

The easiest way is to use the Easy Configuration (menu Tools -> Easy Configuration).
If you want to do it manual it's also possible:

First choose the main exportfolder of your Metastock-database.(Menu Item: 'Exportformat -> Metastock')


You can put all the symbols you want to download in this folder, but there is a maximum of 250,2000 or 6000 symbols in one folder depending on the Metastock version you use.

You can create new subfolders to organise your symbols.



These new folders must be subfolders of the main folder (c:\data)

In this example create a list 1 (menu Portefolio -> List management) and put all the symbols of the NYSE which you want to download in it. Create list 2 and put all the symbols of the Nasdaq in it. Create list 3 for London etc.
Goto menu Export Format -> Metastock and choose c:\data\nyse
Goto menu Download -> Current Quotes, choose list 1 and click on 'Go'.
All the current quotes for list 1 will be downloaded and written to c:\data\nyse.
after downloading goto menu Export Format -> Metastock and choose c:\data\nasdaq
Goto menu Download -> Current Quotes, choose list 2 and click on 'Go'.
All the current quotes for list 2 will be downloaded and written to c:\data\nasdaq.
Repeat this for every list.
When you are ready with all the lists goto menu Export Format -> Metastock and choose c:\data.

In the future before downloading current and historical quotes Quotes4u scans the main folder (c:/data in this example) and all subfolders and knows where the symbols are located.

While downloading Quotes4u writes the quotes to the proper folder,, Quotes4u also writes the name of the symbol to the Metastock-database (MSFT with name MICROSOFT).

If the name has changed Quotes4u detects this and writes the new name to the database.

How can I add a new symbol to the database or a list?

Choose menu Tools -> Search symbol. Choose 'Search the internet'. If you know the symbol then choose for 'Exact symbol' else choose for 'US and Canada' or 'World Markets'
The search results will be shown. You can add the symbol to a list by right-clicking on it.

Which TA software is compatible with Quotes4u?

Any TA-software capable of reading ASCII data is automatically compatible with Quotes4u.  Just a few of them: AmiBroker, MetaStock, TradeStation, Advanced GET, Supercharts, StockGuru, Elliot Wave, OmniTrader, Hermes (.prn - ASCII), Wall$treet, Homebroker, Excel, Vikingen, VISION 2000, EZYCharts, StockEasy, Maus, FCharts, etc.

What is the source of the data?

Quotes4u retrieves quotes from multiple reliable and clean data sources like Yahoo! Finance. The symbol database of Yahoo is used.

Which historical data is available?

Historical data is available from over 50 international exchanges. It depends upon the symbol how far the historical data goes back.

Some examples:
Dow Jones (^DJI) from Jan-06-1930
Microsoft (MSFT) from Jan-05-1987
Philips Amsterdam (PHIA.AS) from Jan-02-1984
Lend Lease FPO Australia (LLC.AX) from Jan-02-1981
NatSteel Singapore (N02.SI) from Jan-02-1980
Astrazeneca Stockholm (AZN.ST) from Dec-02-1987
Telecom Italia (TIT.IT) from Jan-02-1985
Fortis Belgium (FORB.BR) from Mar-06-1990
US Dollar/Euro (EUR=X) from Dec-15-1998
US Dollar/Australian Dollar (AUD=X) from Jan-01-1995

For the Forex Market, US Market, Canadian Market, Dutch Market, Belgian Market, Australian Market, Singapore Market
and Swedish Market the quotes go back before 2000. Other markets are available from 02-jan-2000. We are adding markets constant to have older data for these markets also.

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