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Parity Plus 2.1

Parity Plus is one of the most powerful Stock Charting and Technical Analysis Programs available on the market. Parity includes over 50 of the most popular indicators for the technical analysis of stocks and commodities. The majority of these indicators act as functions that return an array, which can be used as the input to another indicator or within a user defined formula. This makes it easy for you to do "studies on studies" or to develop your own proprietary charting tools. Besides these 50 predefined indicators, you have unlimitted possibilities to create additional indicators.

A Powerful Charting Tool

Parity incorporates traditional Open, High, Low, Close charts, Line and Bar charts, Japanese Candlestick charts, Point and Figure charts, Equivolume charts, Horizontal Bar charts, and a Price at Volume chart which is similar to The Crocker Chart©.

Parity's charting capabilities permit you to graph a security's price, volume and up to nine indicators in a single chart using any combination of stacked or overlapping panes, each of which can include one or more indicators.

Parity Plus is designed to take full advantage of the Windows Graphical User Interface. The program permits the user to design sophisticated charts of stock price data using a wide range of technical indicators and tools.

In order to manage the profusion of sophisticated charts you can design with Parity, virtually all of its settings can be saved to disk and recalled for another Technical Analysis Session.

In addition, Parity provides a graphical Display Matrix that permits the user to easily jump from stock to stock and study to study.

Parity Plus includes sophisticated profit testing and optimization tools that let you test your trading strategies against all the securities in a group. You can summarize the results of a profit test for an entire group or examine summary and transaction details for every security in the group. Parity Plus even lets you chart the cumulative profit and profit by position against price.

With Parity Plus' scanning and filtering features you can generate a custom report showing the values of any indicators or user defined formulas you want for all the stocks in a group or screen for only those securities that meet your conditions.

You can create your own mathematical calculations and your own indicators in Parity Plus 2.1. Simply, you can tailor the program around your needs.

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