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A High-End Education


InTeLyze® creates several levels of interactivity to stimulate learning and offer the only individually tailored education in technical analysis available in the market

Advanced StructureThe high-end structure of InTeLyze® provides a sophisticated educational platform for users to interact with their education and control the learning process from beginning to the end. InTeLyze® creates an individual learning integrity that makes all other educational products in Technical Analysis primitive. InTeLyze® is designed and created to satisfy your long-term expectations of learning and training.

Innovative DesignAn innovative educational design in combination with an interactive teacher and numerous flawless illustrations creates the backbone of this one-of-a-kind educational package, and makes it possible to communicate an enormous amount of information in an effective, pleasant and useful way.

Easy to Use and EffectiveA multi-dimensional navigation system provides you with a very powerful tool to find required information instantly and be able to use InTeLyze® during the intensive and stressful trading hours.
An interactive manual explains how to begin and get the most out of InTeLyze®. Help functions are also interactive, so that you receive the assistance you need fast and effectively.

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