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Information and Features

  • Automatic and unlimited download of historical, end-of-day and intraday snapshot quotes.

  • Historical quotes for over 100,000 symbols and from over 50 international exchanges.

  • User-defined interval for intraday snapshot quotes.

  • Downloading can be scheduled.

  • Downloads up to 6,000 symbols per minute by using multiple quote requests.

  • Flexible and highly configurable ASCII-format and .PRN-format.

  • Compatible with most TA-software such as AmiBroker, MetaStock, TradeStation, Advanced GET, StockGuru, Elliot Wave, OmniTrader, Hermes(.prn - ascii), Wall$treet, Homebroker, Vikingen, VISION 2000, Parity Plus, Excel, etc.

  • Easy to use and user-friendly Windows interface.

  • Automatic update and maintenance of your database.

  • Change of symbol or name will automatically be detected while downloading.

  • Downloads, converts and passes the quotes into your TA-software in just one click.

  • Displays full names, thus no more unrecognizable symbols or codes.

  • User-configurable download lists for markets and symbols you want to follow.

  • You can create up to 16 download lists with all your favorite securities.

  • Add, edit and remove symbols or groups of symbols easily.

  • Automatically connecting, downloading and disconnecting for analogue modem users.

  • Data support for stocks, mutual funds, corporate bonds, indices, warrants, etc.

  • Supports multiple stock quote servers such as Yahoo! Finance.

  • Standard database with symbols from over 50 international exchanges.

  • Unlimited, extendable database, new symbols automatically added in one click.

  • End-of-day quotes available only 30 minutes after market closing.

  • No need to use any other data converters, your data goes directly into your TA-software.

  • Free technical support by e-mail.

  • Free updates

  • Free full-featured trial


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